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Karo Hajduk Consulting
I grow people,
cultures and ventures. 

I like to work on challenging problems, build things from the ground up

and make a positive impact. Here is the essence of my professional expertise.

Multidisciplinary Expertise 

I have 10+ multidisciplinary experience in HR and business roles, including venture building, consulting and business development.

Modern People Function

My main focus is the People Function of the business. Specifically, I help product companies develop and implement strategies, structures and cultures that systemically boost their organisational performance.

High-Performance Organisations

On the more granular level, I work extensively with OKRs, KPIs, processes and initiatives that turn the strategy into reality. I help teams understand what needs to be done, remove blockers and continuously optimise for delivery, in an agile and scalable way.

Leadership & People Development 

I am experienced leader passionate about helping people elevate to the next level. I’ve set a direction, managed, and developed HR and cross-functional teams, fostering empowerment and ownership.

Tech Scene Focus 

As a builder by heart, I’ve enjoyed working with companies with various products and business models, always close to the engineering and product teams. Typically, I advise early-stage start-up founders and fully hop on the board to build a ground for scale.

Agile mindset & New Work Principles 

I apply agile methodologies in HR to enable people in product organisations to achieve their best on every level. That includes fostering cross-functional collaboration, empowerment of self-organised teams, short feedback cycles and reliance on data.

International Exposure 

Originally from Poland, I worked in London and San Francisco before settling in Berlin. Aside from active engagement in the local tech scene, I keep close ties with other vibrant start-up hubs, including Lisbon, Barcelona and Paris.

Let me help you solve your people problems! 

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