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How to give constructive feedback
to drive high performance? 










Feedback, an essential management tool

Feedback is an essential management tools for driving a team's performance, motivation and development.

Yet giving it can feel absolutely awkward, especially at the early stages of a managerial journey.

This interactive, practical training will help you to master the art of giving constructive feedback - step up your managerial game with us!

What will you learn

  • how to leverage feedback as a management tool

  • how to prepare and structure feedback talks to drive high performance without killing motivation

  • how to navigate a challenging feedback situation

How will you learn

In a healthy mix of:

  • theory - a simple yet powerful framework for structuring feedback talks

  • practice - playing out challenging real-life scenarios

  • self-reflection

  • peer learning - observing and discussing your experiences with a small group of up to 10 peers with similar industry experiences

  • instant feedback and actionable expert tips from trainers

  • an individual follow-up with the trainer(s) after the training as an opportunity to discuss your challenges privately

What is unique about this training

Our training is tailored to the professionals working in tech-enabled companies. The content reflects realities of working in a cross-functional environment.

Participants practice challenging feedback situations by playing out life-inspired scenarios.  Living through them in a small group lets you prepare to face them in the future in real-life situations.

A carefully combined mix of activities enhances your learning experience - you remain engaged all the time while harnessing different ways of learning.

And last but not least - both activities and trainers come with a healthy dose of humour, making the entire learning experience really fun!

Is the training right for you

Yes, if:

  • you are managing the team already

  • you are considering management career path 

  • you have been working in a tech-enabled environment

IMPORTANT: This training is not restricted to engineering managers. We welcome managers or aspiring managers from all the functions - the more diverse, the merrier!

How is the training structured 

To ensure a quality learning experience for all, we go beyond a training day and take great care to onboard and follow up with the participants. 

Here is how the process looks like: 

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Ready for a management upgrade? 

Get in touch to check upcoming dates! 

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