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Thursday Dinners 

Invite-only, thematic dinners

where guests discuss leadership challenges,

exchange perspectives and forge meaningful relationships

over delicious food and wine.

Join us for
meaningful networking! 

How does it work? 

After you hit subscribe, we'll ask a few questions about your background and interests. 

Based on your answers,  we invite you to dinners that match your interests the closest - with people of similar backgrounds to yours.


You'll also have the option to indicate if you'd like to join our slack community, Thursday Dinner Club.


We curate the access to ensure the quality of interactions for the members, so please take your time to tell us why you are a great fit. For now, Thursday Dinner Club is open to existing and aspiring founders of all verticals. 

Who is it for? 

Thursday Dinners welcome intellectual curiosity, interesting opinions and open minds.


You might be an entrepreneur, a start-up founder, an investor, an established executive or an ambitious professional working in the tech industry, only starting their managerial journey - if you are interested in cutting-edge topics, we'd love to hear from you.


If none of the above professions defines your current status but feel like you'd be a great fit, get in touch anyway telling us why we should invite you. 

Curious about the origin? 

The original Thursday Dinners were hosted by Stanislaw August II, the king of Poland, that gathered artists, intellectuals, architects, politicians and statesmen.

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