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Entrepreneurs-powered innovation platform 
for climate ventures and corporates navigating transition to sustainable economy



We are on the mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable economy by synergising the cutting-edge sustainable solutions and corporates looking to decarbonise.

Sustainable transformation unlocks unprecedented business opportunities, simultaneously saving the environment.

If done right.



We work in a practical and transparent way focusing on generating tangible business value for both - ventures and corporates.

We help ventures with venture architecture topics and get them ready for the market and scale. We help corporates to strategise and execute the sustainable transformation, unpacking complexities of the market and making tailored recommendations. 

Finally, we connect both of the worlds for maximum results. 


By working with us, startups validate sooner, go to market faster, and scale efficiently without leaking the capital. 

Corporates achieve tangible business results, either unlocking a new business value or optimisation, simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. 

Sustainability is not a nice premium in the Growth&Glory world.


We are a collective of seasoned entrepreneurs with tons of operational experience, and in-depth knowledge about cutting-edge technologies and markets. 

We've built our ventures and worked in the senior roles in the corporate environments. 

Knowing the dynamics of both worlds, we architected the innovation system and fruitful business synergies. 

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